Smart Smoke Detectors

Why Choose eWatt’s Smart Smoke Detectors?

For housing association boards and property managers: Are your properties still equipped with old smoke detectors? eWatt now offers smart smoke detectors that elevate safety to a new level. These advanced devices provide remote monitoring, enhanced safety, and significant ease of use. Smart smoke detectors are an ideal solution for modern property management, offering peace of mind as well as an effective way to protect residents and property.

Enhanced Safety and Real-Time Monitoring

eWatt’s smart smoke detectors immediately notify you of smoke and heat rise, both locally and remotely.

The board and property managers can monitor the status of smoke detectors in real-time through eWatt’s user-friendly application.

Easy Management and Maintenance

Automatic notifications for battery replacement and device maintenance. No more manual testing or maintenance tasks.

Ability to manage and monitor multiple smoke detectors from one application, making property management effortless.

Cost Savings and Efficiency

Long-lasting batteries and minimal maintenance save both time and money.

Preventive features reduce the risk of damage and potential repair costs.

Resident Satisfaction and Peace of Mind

Residents appreciate increased safety and modern technology.

eWatt’s smart smoke detectors enhance property value and living comfort.

Upgrading your housing association’s smoke detectors to eWatt’s smart models is not just an investment in property safety, but also in modern and efficient property management. eWatt’s solutions ensure that your housing association is protected in the best possible way, while offering residents peace of mind and a modern living experience.

Getting Started with

eWatt’s Smart Smoke Detectors

Initial Assessment and Customized Offer
Contact eWatt’s experts for an initial assessment and a tailored solution for your housing association’s needs.

Installation and Training
The maintenance company can handle the installation of smoke detectors and it does not require an electrician.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance
eWatt offers continuous support and maintenance, ensuring that the system operates flawlessly and safely.

Working Principle

A smoke detector operates by sensing smoke particles in the air, indicating the presence of fire. Upon detecting smoke, it emits a loud alarm to alert occupants of the potential danger, providing them with crucial time to evacuate the premises safely.

In addition to its primary function, this smoke detector is equipped with smart technology that enables it to report on its condition once a day. This daily report includes the status of its battery, sensor functionality, and overall system health, ensuring that the smoke detector is always ready to perform its critical safety role effectively.

Utilization of
Temperature Data

Temperature sensors in smoke detectors can be utilized for optimizing district heating through smart technology and data analysis. These sensors act as a critical data source for fine-tuning the heating system in real-time.

By leveraging temperature sensors in smoke detectors for district heating optimization, property owners and managers can achieve significant savings in energy consumption, enhance occupant comfort, and promote environmental sustainability.