Heating Automation for Companies

Heating Automation is Ideal for

eWatt Heating Automation Service offers businesses a customized, intelligent, and automated heating management solution. This service is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing heating systems in businesses, eliminating the need for new equipment purchases.

Benefits & Features

Intelligent Heating Management

Our automated system monitors and adjusts temperatures optimally, providing comfort and efficiency without the need for manual adjustment.

Energy and Cost Savings

The system optimizes heating and ventilation as needed, leading to significant savings in energy consumption and costs.

Safety and Reliability

The service includes alert features for temperature deviations or system issues, ensuring safe and reliable operation.

Easy Integration

The service is designed to be compatible with most existing heating systems, allowing for easy and quick implementation.


The service offers flexibility in heating management, including remote control and scheduling, which can be tailored to the needs of the business.


eWatt heating automation optimizes heating management for properties, allowing temperatures to be set in advance and adjusted remotely for efficiency and comfort. The system monitors temperatures and adjusts heating as needed, saving energy and costs while ensuring a comfortable and safe environment.

Sources of Savings

Reducing electricity consumption without compromising property comfort.

Cost Savings: More efficient energy use leads to lower utility bills.

Environmental Impact: Reduced energy consumption contributes to lower carbon emissions.

Saving on personnel resources as heating management does not require physical presence at the property.

Energy Efficiency Report

Power Consumption Monitoring
Three-month monitoring to gather consumption data for analysis.

Hardware and Usage Review
Detailed assessment of electrical devices and usage patterns.

Consumption Optimization
Recommendations for optimizing habits and improving efficiency.

Savings Potential Identification
Identification of potential savings areas.

Action Plan
Development of a comprehensive plan with concrete steps to achieve energy saving

Anomalies and Faults Detection
We monitor and report any signs of device faults or other potential issues with the electrical system.

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