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eWatt Smart Power Systems Oy

Heating Automation for Devices Connected to the Electrical Panel

Heating Automation for Devices Connected to the Electrical Panel

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Oiva Heating Automation is a service that provides heating automation, intelligent remote control solutions, and continuous temperature monitoring for your summer cottage. All functions can take into account the price of spot electricity.

The service price is €19.95/month, with an initial fee of €495.95. The initial fee is charged when you place your order and includes electrical installation on the mainland of Finland, all necessary equipment, and installation materials. Additionally, the initial fee covers the use of the service for the first month. Monthly payments for the service can be made through the eWatt customer app. If you prefer, you can also pay for the service on an annual basis at a cost of €219.50/year.

Please specify your desired installation date in the additional information field. Our electrical installation partner, Hivo Oy, will confirm the installation time or suggest a new one on the next business day.

If you wish to order the service for a location in the archipelago, please contact customer service, and we will provide you with a quote.

The service allows you to control 1-4 devices connected to the electrical panel. Each device is controlled separately, and the number of devices can be changed later if desired.

The service includes all necessary equipment (smart relay installed in the electrical panel and a temperature/humidity meter). Our devices use our partner's telecommunications network and do not require an internet connection.

The meter is a rental device with a lifetime warranty. If needed, it will be replaced free of charge. The smart relay comes with a 5-year warranty. The devices cannot be used without the Oiva heating service.

The features included in the service are:

  • The ability to control 1-4 devices connected to the electrical panel, some of which can be used for purposes other than heating (such as a hot water heater or an electric car charger).
  • Automatic control based on heating needs, electricity prices, and weather forecasts.
  • Temperature and humidity monitoring.
  • Intelligent and easy heating schedules through the customer app.
  • The option to target heating during times when electricity is cheaper.
  • Notifications of power outages.
  • Alerts for unusual temperatures (even during power outages).

The subscription is ongoing with a 30-day notice period for cancellation.

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