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eWatt Smart Power Systems Oy

Oiva heating automation for devices connected to the electrical panel

Oiva heating automation for devices connected to the electrical panel

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Oiva heating automation for devices connected to the electrical panel provides you with heating automation, intelligent remote control solution, and continuous temperature monitoring for your summer cottage. All functions can take into account electricity prices.

With the service, you can control 1-4 devices connected to the electrical panel. Each device can be controlled separately, and the number of devices can be adjusted as needed.

The starter package includes all the equipment needed for the service (smart relay installed in the electrical panel and temperature/humidity sensor). Our devices do not require a WiFi network; they come with an eWatt SIM card included in the annual fee.

The devices are rental equipment and come with a lifelong warranty. If necessary, they can be replaced at no additional cost. The devices cannot be used without the Oiva heating automation service.

The starter package covers all costs related to the service except for electrical installation, and it includes the first year's annual fee. The annual fee for the second year is 399€. You can add an heat pump or a socket-connected heating device to the service for an additional 199€/year.

The service requires electrical installation, which will be taken care of by our partner electricians. An electrician will contact you within a few days of the order to arrange an installation time. If you prefer to use a local electrician for the installation, please notify us when placing the order.

Features included in the service:

- Automatic control based on heating needs, electricity prices, and weather forecasts

- The ability to control 1-4 devices connected to the electrical panel, some of which can be other than heating devices (e.g., a water heater or electric car charger)

Temperature and humidity monitoring

Smart and easy heating schedules through the customer app

- The ability to schedule heating during times when electricity is cheaper

- Alerts for abnormal situations, including power outages

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