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Oiva heating automation for heat pump

Oiva heating automation for heat pump

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With the Oiva heating automation , you get heating automation, intelligent remote control solutions, and continuous temperature monitoring for your vacation home. All functions can take into account electricity prices.

The starter package includes all the devices needed for the service (heat pump controller and temperature/humidity meter). Our devices do not require a WiFi network; they come with an eWatt SIM card included in the annual fee.

The devices are rental equipment and come with a lifetime warranty. If necessary, they can be replaced free of charge. The devices cannot be used without the Oiva heating automation.

The starter package includes all costs related to setting up the service and the first year's annual fee. The annual fee for the second year is 299€. It's possible to add another heat pump or plug-in heating device to the service for 199€/year.

Setting up the service is easy and can be done in a few minutes by following the installation instructions provided. Our customer service is happy to help if you have any questions

The service includes the following features:

- Automatic control based on heating needs, electricity prices, and weather forecasts

- Monitoring of temperature and humidity

- Smart and easy heating schedules through the customer app

- The ability to target heating to times when electricity is cheaper

- Alerts for unusual situations (including during power outages)

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