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eWatt Smart Power Systems Oy

Oiva home automation

Oiva home automation

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With Oiva home automation, you get intelligent automation to control the heating in your home and other connected electrical devices. In all functions, it's possible to consider electricity prices.

You can control 1-4 devices connected to the electrical panel with this service. Each device can be controlled separately, and you can adjust the number of devices as needed. If you want to connect more than 4 devices to the service, please contact customer service for assistance.

The starter package includes the necessary smart relay for using the service. The device doesn't require a Wi-Fi network; it comes with an eWatt SIM card included in the annual fee. No other devices are needed.

The starter package covers all costs related to using the service, except for electrical installation, and includes the first year's annual fee. The annual fee for the second year is 299€.

Setting up the service requires an electrician. Our partner takes care of electrical installations related to our services. The electrician will contact you within a couple of days of your order to arrange an installation time. If you prefer to use a local electrician for the installation, please inform us when placing your order.

The service includes the following features:

- The ability to control 1-4 devices connected to the electrical panel, some of which can be devices other than heaters (such as a water heater or electric vehicle charger)

- Timed schedules that adjust according to electricity prices on specific days

- Individual schedules that can take target temperatures into account

- Customer service support and ongoing tips for heating control

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