Oiva Heating Automation

Oiva Heating Automation offers easy and automated heating control for vacation homes. You can set your desired temperatures in advance and forget about manually adjusting the heating. Our system monitors temperatures and optimizes heating based on the need, saving energy and costs. Additionally, our service includes safety features such as alerts for temperature deviations or issues. This way, you can enjoy comfortable and predictable warmth at your vacation home while saving energy and ensuring safe heating. If you wish, you can also create various schedules yourself (single, recurring, taking into account electricity prices).

  • For a heat pump

    Starter Package 349€ (includes all equipment and the first year's service fees. Subsequent devices used in the same property 199€/year. The devices are rental equipment and come with a lifetime warranty. If needed, we will replace the device free of charge.

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  • For devices connected to the electrical panel

    Starting package 499€ (includes all devices and the first year of service fees, but does not include electrical installation). It is possible to connect underfloor heating, electric stove heating, electric radiators, time control for water heater, electric car charger, or other time-controlled electrical devices, 1-4 usage points.

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Self-control or automation

With Oiva heating automation, you get both in the same package and can use them exactly the way you want. The easiest way is to let automation handle heating when the cottage is unoccupied. With self-control, it's convenient to heat the vacation home to a suitable temperature before arrival. When at the cottage, you can manage the heating as usual or, if desired, use convenient scheduling to enhance living comfort.

The operation of the automatic heating service

When the heating automation is active, eWatt takes care of the property's heating. When activating it, you only set your desired minimum temperature and choose the device/devices for maintaining heating. After this, eWatt handles everything, and you don't need to worry about anything. However, you will receive a notification if we detect anything unusual. You can monitor the operation of the maintenance heating and the hours it's in use, as well as the associated costs, through the customer application.

  • Comfort

    • The opportunity to preheat your vacation home before arrival
    • Convenient one-time schedules to reach the desired temperature
    • Intelligent recurring schedules to maintain a comfortable temperature
  • Safety

    • Temperature and Humidity Monitoring
    • We ensure that the temperature always stays above the level you've set
    • You'll receive immediate alerts in case of unexpected temperature drops, and you can monitor the situation through the customer application
  • Ease of mind

    • You don't have to worry about maintaining the vacation home's heating
    • You can conveniently check the vacation home's temperature and heating history at any time through our customer application
    • You can turn on the heating instantly or schedule it through the customer application

Savings on the electricity bill with automation

Pörssisähkön keskihinta ja Oiva lämmityspalvelun käyttämän sähkön keskihinta kuukausittain tammikuu – syyskuu 2023

Kuukausi Pörssisähkön keskihinta (snt/kWh) Oivan käyttämän sähkön keskihinta (snt/kWh)
Tammikuu 8,66 4,97
Helmikuu 8,81 4,53
Maaliskuu 8,16 4,77
Huhtikuu 6,66 3,01
Toukokuu 3,30 1,29
Kesäkuu 5,38 5,04
Heinäkuu 4,08 2,62
Elokuu 8,24 4,00
Syyskuu 4,07 0,93
  • If you have a variable electricity contract, we utilize the cheapest times for heating and avoid moments when electricity is expensive
  • We assess heating needs based on weather forecasts and continuous temperature monitoring, thus avoiding unnecessary heating
  • Heating, air conditioning, and hot water tank scheduling is set for the cheapest times of the day
  • Smart heating automation reduces electricity consumption for heating by 10-15%, and by capitalizing on favorable times, the electricity cost can be up to 30-40% lower than the average market rate for electricity.

Oiva heating automation setup

The activation of our heating service is easy and straightforward. You will receive all the necessary equipment and installation instructions from us. For heat pumps and plug-in heating devices connected to a power socket, you can set them up yourself by following the provided installation instructions. For other heating methods, you will need an electrician, to whom we will provide instructions for installing the required equipment.

If you need assistance with the installation, you can schedule a remote support appointment with us for a time that suits you, including weekends. You can also contact our customer service by phone at 040 630 0211 or via email at asiakastuki@ewatt.fi.

Oiva heating automation for different devices

Oiva heating automation can control almost all electric heating solutions used in vacation homes. You can connect multiple air heat pumps and socket-connected controllers to the service at once or later. The prices include all the necessary equipment for installation as well as service fees.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What is automatic heating service?

Automatic heating service is a system that monitors and regulates the heating of a vacation home automatically. It is based on scheduling, remote control, and intelligent functions to maintain heating at an optimal level according to the parameters set by the owner.

For whom is the automatic heating service suitable?

Our automatic heating service is suitable for vacation homes that have some form of electric heating. The service is designed for vacation home owners who value comfort, convenience, and predictable electricity bills. This way, you can enjoy worry-free cabin life without the stress of heating or electricity bills.

What devices do I need to use eWatt services?

All the necessary devices are included in our services. For complex heating solutions that require an electrician's installation, we also provide all the necessary equipment.

Does the heating service require a Wi-Fi connection?

The heating controllers we use operate on our partner's mobile phone network. Therefore, you do not need a Wi-Fi network for your vacation home.

What are the benefits of automatic heating service?

Our heating service offers convenience, energy savings, cost-effectiveness, comfort, and safety for vacation living. Additionally, you gain predictability in your electricity bills and can be sure that everything is in order at your vacation home.