Electricity Consumption Monitoring

eWatt’s Smart Consumption Monitoring

Our smart electricity consumption monitoring leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) to revolutionize energy management and efficiency. This approach is crucial for optimizing energy use, reducing costs, and promoting environmental sustainability.

Pattern Recognition
and Analysis

Our system uses AI algorithms to analyze large datasets, identifying patterns in electricity usage, peak times, and high-consumption devices.

Predictive Analytics

Predicting future energy usage patterns based on historical data aids in anticipating demand and optimizing consumption.

Anomaly Detection

AI can identify and analyze anomalies or irregularities in energy usage, which could indicate potential issues or inefficiencies.

Data-Based Decision Making

Based on the analysis, AI can make decisions or suggest recommendations for energy optimization, like the best times to use certain appliances.

Integration with
Smart Home/Building Systems

eWatt Cloud integrates with other smart systems in a home or building to optimize overall energy use, adjusting these systems based on usage patterns, weather forecasts, energy tariffs.


Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities
The service is well-suited for industrial and manufacturing facilities with significant electricity-consuming equipment. It enables precise monitoring and management during production processes.

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
The service offers an easy and efficient way to monitor and optimize electricity consumption in small and medium-sized enterprises.

Facilities with Critical Electricity Needs
The service is beneficial for facilities requiring continuous monitoring and alerts for power outages and other fault situations.

Electricity Consumption Optimizers
The service is ideally suited for those looking to reduce their electricity bills and minimize their environmental impact through intelligent control and optimization.

eWatt Smart Power Systems Oy’s integration of AI into smart electricity consumption monitoring offers a sophisticated and efficient approach to managing energy use.

This not only aids in optimizing consumption but also plays a vital role in advancing sustainable energy practices. Balancing the benefits with considerations of privacy, technological reliance, and cost is essential in this innovative field.

Benefits Offered by eWatt

Energy Efficiency
Smart monitoring reduces energy waste by optimizing appliance and system usage.

Cost Savings
More efficient energy use leads to lower utility bills.

Environmental Impact
Reduced energy consumption contributes to lower carbon emissions.

Enhanced User Experience
Users gain valuable insights into their energy usage, enabling informed decisions about consumption habits.

Energy Efficiency Report

Power Consumption Monitoring
Three-month monitoring to gather consumption data for analysis.

Hardware and Usage Review
Detailed assessment of electrical devices and usage patterns.

Consumption Optimization
Recommendations for optimizing habits and improving efficiency.

Savings Potential Identification
Identification of potential savings areas.

Action Plan
Development of a comprehensive plan with concrete steps to achieve energy saving

Anomalies and Faults Detection
We monitor and report any signs of device faults or other potential issues with the electrical system.

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